Saturday, 28 March 2009

Concert in Bryn Mawr

A good first concert of the tour. I want to make mention of some excellent solo singing: Aaron King and Benoit Andre in the Wesley, Aaron and Laurence Kilsby in the MacMillan, Laurence and Benoit in the Mendelssohn, Charlie and Aaron in the Weelkes. Mr Scott in the Wilby, Mr Acock and Mr Kenyon in the Weelkes and Oli Gay and Harry Rees in the Wesley. Also a splendid performance from Mr Etherington of works by Reger and Alain, and Mr Eadon and Mr Etherington combined for the organ part in Walker's Dance, my heart! Many thanks to them.
You never know who will be there - tonight we had a gentleman from Chipping Campden and an Old Decanian!


  1. Great photo Hugo. Rabbit and Owl are missing you... and so are we! M x D x L x S x

  2. Great to see a picture of you Laurence, well done to everyone. Enjoy your day. xxxxx