Thursday, 26 March 2009

A goodnight's sleep

Yesterday,whilst a very long day, went very well. Virgin Atlantic is a child's paradise: numerous movies, fairly old comedies (no Yes, Minister), and lots of games. It's interactive so that you can find out which other seats (or passengers) are up for chess and play with them. Our RA only allowed for choristers to play eachother. The food was surprisingly OK, although a quick glance at the melting cheese roll in first class made me think that an upgrade would have been exciting.
Great views of New York added excitement as we prepared for landing.
Our journey to the leafy suburbs of Bryn Mawr (Mrs Abbott stills thinks we are at the wrong church) was about an hour and a half. We meet for chorister rehearsal at 8.15am.......


  1. The flight sounded quite least for the boys. Hugo, I wonder whether you managed to get any chess games in? Sebastian is desperate to play with your birthday presents and open the Lego sets, but don't worry he isn't going to! Thinking of you....M,D,L & H xxxx

  2. Sounds like the fun is just getting started!! Miss you David xxxx 16 more days!!

  3. Will N is your phone working? M

  4. Hi Georgie - Can I sleep in your bed please to look after it and Mr Lion???
    Lots of Love
    Cameron xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. yo ethan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pickle misses you but has had his tea. I have got 10 new pets,they are tiny!!!!!!!(caterpillars)the flight sounds fun miss you from Bug xx

  6. Hi Laurence
    It's your old Uncle Mike with the tourette problem and Aunty Susan here . How are you doing? We hope the voice is well and we will be listening on Tuesday as Uncle Nick sent us a link so we can follow you on the internet.
    Lots of love