Monday, 30 March 2009

Messages to Mums

  • Mr Halsey: Hi Mum! I have been washing, I promise!
  • Mr Tambling: Didn't make Mass on Sunday. I'm sorry.
  • Aaron: Hello!
  • Will: I'm on to my next batch.
  • Ollie: I love Bryn Mawr (and all that is there!)
  • David: To my sister: Hi Freya! Say hi to Lolly if you can.
  • Rory: Having LOTS of fun!
  • Ethan: Hi! Missing you like crazy.
  • Charlie: Can't wait to see you on Tuesday
  • Marcus: The hosts have been great, and they are sending a present back to England for me.
  • Harry: Don't know!
  • Joe: Having a great time!
  • Andrew: Love you all. Hope Cornwall was good!
  • George: Can't wait to go skiing. Love you!
  • Benoit: The last hosts were wicked! Love you.
  • Giles: Hello! We are in Starbucks right now. 
  • Louis: Hello! I'm having a really nice time. Bye. Has mace window arrived yet?
  • Hugo: Hello! We went to a place called 'Funplex' yesterday. Bye.
  • Harriet: The chocolate frappucinos are good! And I'm missing you all!
  • Laurence: Having a great time. Love you loads.
  • Dominic: Missing you family, and missing good old English tea. Love you lots.


  1. Hi Rory,
    Thanks for blog & email. Glad your having fun. Peace has been shattered by Josh's safe return! Mr Nicholas has all the details of your overnight flight with Mr Etherington on Wednesday evening. I don't have departure time but I'm sure they will tell you if you ask. Don't spoil your last couple of days worrying about it. Miss you loads. Mum x

  2. I've been doing a little research and they're coming back on Virgin flight VS002 which leaves Newark at 20:50 tomorrow evening! And from what I've heard from Mr Etherington he is so keen to get back to our two little ones that there is no way they'll be missing it!