Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New York

We've had a great day! The choir did splendidly at St Thomas Church where we sang Evensong. We made it to New York's toy shop and to Central Park.


  1. Ahhh - F.O.Schwartz. It wouldn't be a choir tour without a trip to Schwartz. The happy memories of policing the boys as they tried to spend their money on utter trash and bright blue sweets. Fun fun.

  2. Hello—
    I am deeply sorry to report this, but we had a problem with our webcast system last night at about 5pm, and it did not get fixed until late last night, so the entire service was not recorded. This is very rare and it is a great shame that it occurred when we had a visiting choir. Their voices were beautiful and we are so grateful they came to sing at Saint Thomas!
    Again, please accept our apologies. I wish I had better news to report about the webcast.
    David M. Daniel

  3. The comment from David Daniel is the reply I received when I asked for help using the site to listen to the boys.
    Thought others may have same problem and be interested in reason.
    I do miss hearing the boys at evensong each night.
    Please give them my regards

  4. Hi Dominic have you had a good cup of tea yet? Glad to see you are taking after your Dad and hope you enjoyed being intervieved. Looks like you are all having a wonderful time. Keep in good voice! Love to you both
    Jean & Grandpa Mac x

  5. Cameron wants to know, "does that big bunny rabbit belong to Mr Nicholas....?!"

    You all look like you are having lots of fun - great pictures!

    Hug to George From Cam

  6. I think it unlikely that any of the Roberts family are going to check this again before leaving for Heathrow in the morning so if anyone else who has their contact details is still up and could contact them in the morning: I've just discovered that the flight isn't leaving Newark until at least 22.40, NY time and therefore won't be arriving at Heathrow till 10.45 tomorrow morning, about 2 hours late.