Sunday, 29 March 2009

Essex Fells

This is our first visit to Essex Fells, NJ. From Eagle Rock (1km away) you can look down on New York - what a view! From the 9/11 Memorial Garden you can make out the famous landmarks, and see where the twin towers once stood. Many of the locals work in Wall Street.
St Peter's Church is a well equipped religious centre, complete with plush drawing rooms, a rehearsal room and a large hall for all the church to eat in. The church itself is an attractive space, but with little acoustic. We have been brilliantly looked after - from the lunch yesterday, to the party after the concert and now the brunch (that great American institution) today. The audience last night was most enthusiastic and our CDs sales were the best yet.
This morning we joined with the Choir of St Peter's for the Sung Eucharist - always great to hook up - and our own Father Steve read the gospel.
I am not able to upload photos today, but will hope to tomorrow.


  1. It's great to keep up with all your news. William and Florence are really sad not to be on tour with you this year but say "hello!" Mr Bishop hopes that you are mananging to fit your violin practice in Louis and Giles (I think he was joking!!!). I have been looking out some simple piano duets for all you budding pianists to play next term! I am hatching a plan to get all the DCPS pianists playing in pairs - and am putting younger or less experienced pianists with older and/or more experienced ones according to your houses!! (it might work!)
    Hope that you are not too tired and that you are ALL being good!
    Miss Hensel x
    PS Polly is poorly, but sends kisses to Mr Eadon anyway!!

  2. Hi Joe - Nice to see your smiley picture on the blog. The badger is in the garden at the moment eating those hazlenuts you bought for the squirrels.
    Hi Louis - You seem to have left your violin at home! I have found the 'missing' rat from your castle, it was lurking in the dungeons.
    Enjoy yourselves. Love Mum xxx

  3. David, I'm leaving today so i just wanted to say goodbye!! Only 12 days!! Love you loads xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Dougie,
    Thanks so much for the email I received this morning. It really made my day. Happy to hear you are having such a lovely time. Do I detect the hint of an american accent in your writing already????!!!!! Needless to say we are missing you VERY much.
    Mum xxxx