Monday, 30 March 2009

High points so far

  • The boys tackling gob-stoppers
  • Rector Stephanie's sermon yesterday in Essex Fells: we don't want a date with God, we want a marriage with God!
  • The unique 'Sursam Corda' at Mass yesterday. Unrepeatable.
  • The pizza party in Bryn Mawr
  • Aaron's dinner last night
  • Watching College basketball
  • Mrs Abbott's hight point: the first glass of wine (it took a while......)
  • Mr Nicholas's high point: attending St Thomas Church, NYC for Evensong on Passion Sunday (Lent 5). The finest choral singing one could ever hear.
  • Mr Etherington giggling at every organ which cannot cope with Walker's Dance my heart!
  • Bumping into Mr Jones (from DCPS) in Bryn Mawr
  • Mrs Mc Claran's high point: the scallops last night

1 comment:

  1. Will we be treated to any pictures of any of these fun sounding highs?